Wearing a mask again? Then why not look good in it…

Oh man I thought wearing a mask was almost all behind us. Well now thanks to the good old Delta + variant the Corona seems to be spiking again!

More states are back to mandating masks, especially when you are at inside gatherings. At the time I am writing this we are up to 5 States and or Cities requiring them again… and certainly more as time goes on!

We still have the most comfortable 2 layered cloth masks available and the lone good news I can bring you is we’ve slashed your cost. Some masks are now just 99 cents!

We have all kinds of stylish masks available. If you have to wear a mask, why not wear a comfortable one? You will love how these fit and feel!

With over 100 different styles to choose from you are sure to find something you like. Here are some examples of what we have… but it is just a small sampling!

The Starry Night is my favorite mask. I get many compliments. And the 2021 Checklist is another one I wear quite a bit.

I just got a Silver Sequined one to wear at my nephew’s upcoming wedding.

If you’re a fan of the TV show Friends then you can’t pass up the Could You Be Any Closer one! If you feel like screaming… then the classic artwork one of The Scream is perfect!

If you have kids, we have a full selection of masks most of them are 99 cents for kids. There’s designs, fun ones and then solid colors for schools.

We even have for BOTH kids and adults some Chicago Sport Team masks. We bought a huge closeout on these and now you can get these $18 masks for just 99 cents!

There’s so many to choose from I know you’ll find a few you like and I know even more that you will find these VERY comfortable.
VISIT HERE to see the pictures and all the discounts

What Does Your Face Mask Say About You?


It’s no secret that face masks are a health safety requirement now but instead of being sad about it, let’s have some fun with it!

At PulseTV.com we’re embracing the new fashion accessory and using them to express our unique individual personalities. So join in on the fun and see what we have in-store for you!

The Starry Night Face Mask

Here’s one of our Best Sellers, and I must say, my personal favorite: Starry Night by Vincent Van Gogh. It depicts the classic original Starry Night painting with the swirly blue sky and bright golden stars. I love it! And I get compliments on it all the time. It also features a built-in pocket for a carbon filter and has adjustable straps.


For anyone who enjoys space, the Purple Galaxy Mask is the one for you!

Purple Galaxy Face Mask

This brightly colored galaxy pattern will dress up any outfit. The fabric features the EZ-Breathe Weave, specially woven to stop moisture from penetrating but allows air to flow freely to keep you breathing comfortably.


Pink Plaid BREAST CANCER Face Mask


I hold this design dear to my heart, it’s the Pink Plaid Breast Cancer Face Mask. I couldn’t be more relieved to say that my mother is a breast cancer survivor, and once I saw this mask I knew I had to gift it to her. It’s the perfect reminder of her fight against cancer and how we need to protect those who are close to us that are at high risk.

5 Layered Activated Carbon PM2.5 Filters

I can go on about all of the other cool designs we have in stock, but instead I want to share with you that we also sell Carbon Face Mask Filters too! Almost all of our cloth, reusable masks have an included pocket inside for filters. They provide extra protection against dust, smoke, pollution, pollen, viruses and dust while remaining breathable. And we sell it as a ten pack, so be sure to grab a couple for you and your family.

We’ve been getting new face mask designs daily, and we’ll soon be carrying kids masks and fun holiday themed ones too! A lot of these sell out fast so don’t wait… Visit our Face Mask Department at PulseTV.com and start expressing yourself today!