Tending To Your Garden

How green is your garden? How about your yard? With spring in full swing, and summer well on its way, this is the perfect time to spruce up your yard and garden. PulseTV is here with great products to help you with yardwork, decorating, and upgrading the great outdoors!

The Gilmour Swivel-Connect Front Trigger Nozzle – This is the answer to all your heavy duty watering needs! The unique swivel connect design allows for pivots without twisting up your hose, offering up to 70% reduction in kinks and 50% reduction of torque for improved mobility. Enjoy the thumb-controlled water flow adjustment, ergonomic handle with palm trigger, and 8 spray settings for tackling any watering job. A great way to treat your yard and garden all summer long!

Heavy Duty, Portable Hose Holder – This heavy duty, portable hose holder is the simple and clever solution to tidy up your patio or garden! It features a integrated hanging hook, so there is absolutely no assembly needed! Simply slip it right over your water spigot and neatly store your garden hose, keeping it tangle free and ready to use.

4-in-1 Birdbath with Solar Lamp, Feeder, and Planter – Add a delightful space for birds to cool off while beautifying your lawn with this innovative birdbath. The lower basin can be filled with plants for additional floral arrangements. And enjoy its solar powered LED accent lighting that looks simply stunning, plus it comes on automatically at night! It’s a great way of making your yard and garden an outdoor sanctuary.

Owl Alert Ultrasonic Pest Repeller – Get the new way to target outdoor pests like raccoons, deer, squirrels, rabbits and mice, without harming them or your pets! THE SECRET is the combination of the motion activated sensor which emits ultrasonic sound that outdoor pests can hear, and the flashing red eyes that alert them. No Chemicals! No Pesticides! Only sound and light is used to keep your yard free of pesky pests!

Solar Garden Lighthouse with Rotating Light – It looks and acts likes a real lighthouse! The rotating LED light provides the perfect amount of accent lighting to illuminate your outdoor living space. The light is solar powered, and the lighthouse is weather resistant, so you don’t worry about light rain or snow. These look simply stunning in your garden, on your porch or on your patio table. An eye-catching way to decorate your yard!

These are just a few of the items available at PulseTV that can help with your home and garden. For more great products head over to PulseTV.com today!

Welcome to GopherCentral.com

For well over 20 years, GopherCentral.com, called “Shagmail” back in the day, was the place to go for free newsletters. With numerous publications, covering a wide array of topics from humor to household hints,
Gophercentral was a juggernaut. Even after the dot-com bubble burst in the early 2000s, Gophercentral has soldiered on with new publications, an extensive archives covering over 30 of our popular publications, and a new generation of subscribers that not only read, but interact with our editors with questions, comments, and content.

Today, GopherCentral.com is the place for email nostalgia. Its most popular publications are still there, like the clean joke list Clean Laffs, the adult joke list Laff-a-Day, the home-cooking column Daily Recipe, and Bizarre News – all written and published in-house by PulseTV staff, with a core audience of fans who forward their favorite issues around to their friends and still patronize PulseTV.com.

Now GopherCentral.com is starting to grow a social media presence as well. If you have never read a GopherCentral.com eZine they are all free, like they have always been, and the editors are just waiting to say hello. Subscribe Today!

New and Upcoming Products on PulseTV

Every spring there is giant trade show in Las Vegas where vendors from around the country and even internationally come to sell their products. We go every year to find products our PulseTV.com customers might be interested in. And like Forrest Gump’s momma said, ‘You never know what you’re gonna get.’ This year we were lucky.

Our buyers came back with dozens and dozens of new items that we will be featuring on PulseTV in the coming months, and we thought you might like a preview;

The Key Ninja

This is designed to replace a disorganized key ring. It is like a Swiss Army knife for keys. Your keys fold in for a sleek compact holder less than 3 inches long. It’s easy to organize all your keys with expandable pieces, and eliminates the bulk from a pocket or purse.

Color Oxy Meter

This is for health-minded individuals. It is a fingertip clamp that measures blood oxygen saturation and pulse rate. It is non-invasive, involves no blood and takes measurements in seconds. We think both people who are keeping track of their health and also people who like to monitor their workout progress will be very interested.

210 First Aid Kit

This is a product pretty much everybody could use. This tiny little First Aid Kit holds 210 items! Sure, a lot of them are things like cotton balls and alcohol wipes, but it also includes things like wound dressings, bandages, disposable gloves, a cold pack and even an emergency blanket. An amazing deal..

Flex Sonic Therapy Massager

This personal massager comes with three interchangeable massage heads which allows the user to try different applications for their pain relief. Plus, it also includes a pain relief therapy gel which turns this product from a simple massager into a pain relief system.

Pressure Cooker

Everybody who has tried cooking with a pressure cooker loves them. Options in cooking seem to be very popular (like our hugely popular low-fat fryer) and we think our customers are going to love the option to cook nutritious, delicious and convenient meals with a little pressure.

Metal Detector

We have carried a similar product before and it was a hit, so we feel pretty confident about this one. And who wouldn’t like the adventure of discovering a hidden treasure at the beach, in an empty lot or even in their own back yard? And with the deal we got just about anybody can afford to become an amateur treasure-hunter.

There are a whole bunch of other products we will be introducing this spring and summer, these are just a few off the top of my head. Stop at PulseTV.com now and then and see what’s new on our ‘New Stuff‘ and ‘Top Products‘ pages. With the number of items we’re adding you will probably find something new every day!