Cheers to the Ultimate Whiskey-Drinking Experience

whiskeyThere is nothing like enjoying a glass of whiskey to celebrate a special occasion or to relax after a long, hard day. However you enjoy your whiskey, PulseTV has several accessories that will elevate your whiskey-drinking experience to a whole new level!

We have several handy, helpful, and affordable items that will have any devotee of this drink raising a glass to making their favorite libation even better!

Collector’s Edition: Mixology & Craft Whiskey Set in Handsome Wooden Box

The Mixology & Craft Whiskey Set has everything a whiskey lover wants!

Real whiskey lovers take their drinking seriously, and the Mixology and Craft Whiskey Set has everything a serious whiskey drinker wants (except for that amber nectar, of course)!

If you’re going to drink a good whiskey, drink it out of a good glass.

The stars of this set are 2 heavy, solid glass whiskey glasses. With a nice, weighty feel in the hand you’ll enjoy swirling your favorite distillation around in one of these.

And if you’re one of those purists who don’t like to dilute their whiskey you’ll really appreciate the 8 whiskey stones included in this set. Freeze these polished granite stones and they will chill your beverage without thinning it out like ice does.

The rest of this boxed set includes a tray for your whiskey stones, ice tongs, 2 slate coasters and a collection of unique ‘whiskey cards’ that feature 10 classic whiskey recipes. You may already know how to make a Manhattan, but if you know the recipe for a Vieux Carre off the top of your head I’ll be impressed!

And almost everything is inscribed with classic and memorable whiskey quotes from everybody from Mark Twain to Johnny Carson to remind you of the long and proud tradition you’re taking part in.

This handsomely wooden-boxed collection looks great displayed on a bar top and makes a unique gift, but you’ll regret not getting one for yourself!

Luxury Cocktail Smoker Kit with Butane Torch

Smoke liquor and cocktails at home like a professional!

Adding smoke flavor to liquor and cocktails is not a niche trend among bohemian whiskey and bourbon lovers anymore. Search ‘smoking cocktails’ on the Internet and you will be flooded with thousands of links with every recipe and method you can imagine.

But you don’t have to be a mixologist to enjoy that unique, smoky flavor. The Deluxe Home Cocktail Smoker Kit will have you enjoying a smoked Old-Fashioned or Manhattan in minutes!

The kit features an extremely simple-to-use wood smoke chimney that fits over the top of your cocktail glass. Add wood chips to the removable mesh screen and light them with the included kitchen torch. In seconds that rich smoke will be circulating through your glass.

The longer you leave the chimney on your glass the more smoke flavor you’ll get!

Feeling adventurous? Try a smoked Bloody Mary. Tequila is another liquor that can benefit from a smoke flavor which gives you a smoked Margarita! With the ease and convenience of this smoking kit you can experiment to your liver’s content.

The kit also includes 4 different samples of wood chips to get you started, a little measuring spoon for the chips, 2 mesh screens and a cleaning brush. As an added bonus you even get 4 chilling stones in case you don’t like to water down your drinks with ice.

It’s a complete package that will elevate your mixology experience. I promise it will be a hit at your next party!

Spinning Whiskey Glasses (4pk) With Ice Ball Maker Set

The Most Unique Whiskey Set You Can Get!

This is the most unique whiskey set you can get! Included are 4 mesmerizing Spinning Whiskey Glasses along with a Fast-Freezing Ice Ball Maker. The rounded bottom and unique raised diamond plaid design not only make for an eye-catching display but also serve a purpose.

As you gently spin your glass, watch as the intricate patterns dance and the whiskey swirls, releasing its aroma and flavor. It’s more than just a glass; it’s a performance. Your friends will think the glass will spill, but because of the special 10-degree slant, it won’t! Best of all the spinning motion serves a great purpose of keeping your drink cool.

Speaking of cooling off your drink, the included Ice Ball Maker will impress you and your friends.

Ice Balls are preferred over traditional ice cubes because the spherical shape allows them to melt much more slowly preventing drinks from being watered down. They are a favorite for alcohol and cola drinks.

This Ice Ball Maker will make four ice balls that are each about 2.5 inches around. This also makes them the perfect size for the Spinning Whiskey Glasses. Plus compared to other ice ball makers, this special design will have these freezing much faster. They only need five to six hours to freeze! Best of all, they don’t take up much freezer space!

Head over to PulseTV to see all of the Feature and Benefits that you can enjoy with this incredible set!

Set of Two Spinning Whiskey Glasses

Spinning motion releases flavors and aromas!

And if just the spinning whiskey glasses are what you’re after then you can get very own pair for a low price!

The rounded bottom and unique raised diamond plaid design not only make for an eye-catching display but also serve a purpose.

Spin these unique whiskey glasses and enjoy the show!

As you gently spin your glass, watch as the intricate patterns dance and the whiskey swirls, releasing its aroma and flavor. It’s more than just a glass; it’s a performance.

These are especially useful for drinkers who like ice in their scotch or bourbon. The spinning motion keeps the drink cool and dissolves the water. Don’t worry, the gentle 10 degree slant won’t spill.

But mostly it’s just fun!

Whether you’re enjoying a fine single malt or savoring your favorite bourbon, these unique spinning whiskey glasses add a touch of elegance to your sips. Embrace the art of whiskey appreciation and make every pour a moment to remember.

Ice Ball Mold For Whiskey, Cola, And More

Prevents Drinks From Being Watered Down Quickly!

And if ice is what you’re after… Ice Balls are preferred over traditional ice cubes because the spherical shape allows them to melt much more slowly preventing drinks from being watered down. They are a favorite for alcohol and cola drinks.

This Ice Ball Maker will make four ice balls that are each about 2.5 inches around. Thanks to the special design these freeze much faster than other models needing only five to six hours to fully freeze. Plus they don’t take up much freezer space!

There are two parts to the Ice Ball Maker; a bottom BPA-Free hard plastic shell and a top shell made from food-safe silicone. There are holes on the top section and an included funnel to make filling the mold clean and easy. After they are frozen, simply run the mold under tap water for a few seconds and pull the two sections a part.

Your Ice Balls will come out fairly clear depending on your local tap water when frozen for 5 to 6 hours. If you freeze them for longer periods the ice will not be as clear You can also use distilled or boiled water to improve the clarity. Just let the boiled water cool before adding it to the molds.

4-Pack of Wooden Coaster w/ Built-In Bottle Opener

A coaster with a built-in bottle open is the ultimate bar accessory!

The Wood Drink Coasters with Built-in Stainless Steel Bottle Openers will become your entertaining ‘go to’! They’re not just coasters; they’re conversation starters and pure convenience rolled into one.

Picture this: It’s game night, and everyone’s gathered around. Instead of searching for a bottle opener, I simply flip one of these coasters over, and voila! The steel opener pops the top with ease.

But it’s not just about function; these coasters are a style statement. Crafted from natural wood, they add a little charm and warmth to my decor, and the unique grain patterns make each one an eye-catcher.

My furniture stays ring-free, and with a set of four handy everybody’s not constantly searching for the bottle opener. These are an awesome party accessory, but they also make fantastic gifts for anyone who enjoys entertaining.

Upgrade your hosting game like I did. Get these coasters, and let the good times roll!

There’s still time to order before Christmas. So get one – two – or all! – and cross another name off your shopping list. And for more great items head to PulseTV today!

We Have Over 70 Items That Are Perfect Stocking Stuffers!

I’m excited to share over 70 items that are perfect Stocking Stuffers. These are items everyone will love to get AND you will love the savings!

Heck some of these are so good, you just might use them as main gifts!

Hot/Cold Migraine Relief Wrap – Natural Headache Cure

$19.99 TODAY: $4.97
As a headache sufferer I would be thrilled to get one of these in my stocking. It is something I use all the time. I love it!

Car Door Projector Lights 2-Pk

$19.99 TODAY: $8.25
A friend of mine has a Range Rover and I think it is so cool how the light projects down on the ground at night when he opens the door. It has never been easier to get this effect. Grab a set of these for the car afficianado on your list.

Mini Handheld Vacuum Cleaner

$29.99 TODAY: $6.88
Why grab the big vacuum to clean up a few crumbs when this awesome little mini one will do the job? Plus it can store in a drawer. Perfect for cleaning up table cloths after dinner. Also great for desks, couches and more.

Phone Mate Wireless Charging Phone Mount

$29.99 TODAY: $12.91
You may have seen this one selling on TV and in stores for $30… we’ve got it for this low price. What we love, love LOVE about this one is how it fits any phone and easily adjusts to any phone. Must see this video on how it works. It’s fun!

BattleVision – NightVision Glasses 2 Pair!

$19.99 TODAY: $5.91
We sold this 2-pack for $20 when it first came out. I think the TV price was $30. Now you can get these glasses that will help reduce the blinding glare when you drive at night for our lowest price ever. See the over 50 great reviews.

3-in-1 Avocado Tool: Split, Pit, and Slice!

$12.99 TODAY: $4.91
This WILL sell out! The tool that will make using and eating avocados easier than ever. Don’t pay those high store prices, grab a bunch for the Avocado lovers in your life. They’ll think of you every time they use it!

Easy-To-Use and Accurate Electronic Stud Finder w/ Picture Hanging Kit

$29.99 TODAY: $4.91
You’ll find this Electronic Stud Finder selling for $30 on Amazon… we’ve got a blowout deal and let me tell you every household and tool box needs one of these. It works on wood AND metal. If that wasn’t enough included is a picture hanging kit… all for this low price!

These low-prices are under investigation… THEY’RE TOO LOW!
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Pay What We Pay During the Employee Pricing Event!

Are you ready for our Employee Pricing Event?

We give our employees extra perks, like discounted pricing, for all their hard work they put in every single day.

We, also, believe in giving back to our loyal customers too! This is only the SECOND TIME we are offering some of our BEST customers the same pricing we give our employees!

Take a second and browse through some of our favorite items you can buy at a HUGE discount!

There are over 30 items, but I do want to caution you stock on some is limited. HERE’S A TIP: Save on shipping and order a bunch of stuff!

Easy Access Emergency First Aid Kit…$10

The Most Complete First Aid Survival Kit!

You never think accidents are going to happen, but when they do, are you prepared for them? This small, light-weight kit has 210 essential items for treating minor wounds and injuries. There’s a lot of items most people don’t have around lying around the house: wound dressings, antiseptic wipes, alcohol prep pads, a cold pack and disposable gloves.

There is even an emergency blanket! It weighs almost nothing and takes up almost no space, but it unfolds to a large 83 x 51 inches. The aluminized polyester is wind and waterproof and reflects body heat back to the body, making it a life-saver in outdoor exposure situations or when the body goes into shock.

When it comes to first aid, I always say it’s better to have it and not need it, then need it and not have it. See the complete breakdown of all the items in the kit listed on our website.

Measuring 8 1/2 x 6 1/2 inches and weighing barely over a pound, this zippered kit is so small and convenient you can easily keep it in a kitchen drawer, the glove compartment of your car, or the bottom of a backpack. You might never need it, but if you do you’ll be glad it’s there!

Battle Vision Night Vision Glasses – 2 Pairs…$5.77

I don’t care who you are, navigating the glare and seeing at night while driving is really difficult… and dangerous!

Enjoy Astonishingly Clear Vision At Night!

If only there were a way to cut the glare and see better for safer driving? Well there is with the Battle Vision Night Vision Glasses by Atomic Beam!

You may have seen these exact ones on TV and wanted to order. You’ll be glad you waited because we’ve got them – And you can get TWO PAIRS! An extra pair can really come in handy if you lose one, want to leave one in your vehicle, or if you want to share the spare with something that could really use it!

Made with high-tech, micro-infused yellow-filtered lenses, these glasses are designed to be worn at night, or in low light conditions like fog and rain. They give your eyes protection from debilitating headlight glare and street light glare, all while enhancing color and reducing eye strain.

The aerodynamic, wraparound design makes them ideal for any night time activity and the shape-memory polymer construction gives your Battle Vision glasses excellent flexibility and durability so they’re great for any outdoor or sporting activities like hunting, shooting, fishing and ATVing.

Trust me, there’s nothing better than being able to see what you’re doing – especially when it’s nighttime driving. So if you want to win the war against blinding glare and give yourself a clear view of the road ahead get the must have Battle Vision Glasses – plus, it includes an extra pair!

6ft Braided 3-in-1 Multi Charging Cord: Android and iPhone-Ready…$5.78

Multi-Charging Cable for All Phones and Devices!

You’ll never need to buy another because this 3-in-1 Braided 6ft Charging Cord will charge up ALL of your devices!

This unique cord has 3 different cable types at the end of it which include a Micro USB, Type-C and iPhone Lightning Cable. This allows you to charge 3 different devices at once! Charge up your smartphone, tablet, iPad and any other compatible device.

Best of all, this cord is 6ft long! It can reach behind a couch, night stand, desk or virtually any hard-to-reach outlet. The braided, durable cord resists tangles and is easy to travel with – especially on long family road trips! It’s perfect for kids so they can charge up their devices from the back seat.

Plus, it’s convenient to have different cable types laying around the house. I have an Android phone but whenever I host a party there’s at least one person who is looking to charge an iPhone. So not only can they use the Lightning Cable, but I can still use the other one for my phone at the same time, and STILL have room for another device.

While most current phones will use either the Lightning Cord or USB Type C (Samsung Galaxy), there are still plenty of devices that can utilize the Micro USB. Recharge accessories like speakers, headphones, flashlights, eReaders, and even older Android phones.

The 3-in-1 Charging Cord is still one of our TOP selling products, and everyone loves it- and you will too, especially at this low price!

Chilly Ice Towel…$3.91

One of our most popular Summer items has been the Chilly Ice Towel. There is no better way to stay cool during the hot months. Just wet it and forget it!

It’s The Cold Towel That Lasts for Hours!

This towel is made of a hyper-evaporating fabric that cools off as it naturally dries. To activate, simply wet the towel with any available water source, hot or cold, and wring out the excess water to let the magic happen! After a few shakes, it downright feels ICY-COLD and lasts for hours. Brrrr! It feels so good.

Drape it over your shoulders or tie it up like a bandana – it’s like you have AC around your head and face! It’s perfect for workouts, walking/hiking, gardening, or even fighting fevers and headaches. Grab some for the kids in their summer sports leagues – it’s safe for them, and they will love shaking the towel.

Each towel comes in a carrying bottle that keeps your Chilly Ice Towel moist and cool when you need it most. The bottle has a carabiner hook making it super easy to attach to any gym bag, purse, or backpack so you always have one on hand. It’s also machine washable and can be reused over and over; just re-wet to start the process again.

Whether your standing in line at Disney Land or going for a hike in the woods, this is your go-to item to stay cool!

Don’t wait to visit, this sale won’t last long. But most importantly…This sale won’t disappoint you!

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