Elevate Your Bathroom Experience: Embracing Cleanliness, Organization, and Freshness

bathroomMaintaining a clean, organized, and odor-free bathroom is not only essential for personal hygiene but also contributes significantly to the overall ambiance of your home. A well-kept bathroom not only reflects your commitment to cleanliness but also enhances the comfort and appeal of your living space.

Fortunately, there’s a myriad of products available at PulseTV that are designed specifically to streamline the process, making it easier than ever to achieve a pristine and inviting bathroom environment.

Whether it’s cleaning agents, organizers, or air fresheners, these products play a crucial role in simplifying the upkeep of your bathroom, allowing you to enjoy a hygienic and pleasant space effortlessly.

MER-MAID Automatic Toilet Bowl Cleaner

If the Water is Blue, MER-MAID is Working for You!

Most of us hate cleaning the toilet. It’s filled with germs, stains, and often smells less than pleasant. EWWW!

Now you can use MER-MAID, the automatic toilet bowl cleaner. It’s so simple to use and starts working with the very first flush. Just pull the tab and put it in your toilet tank.

With each flush MER-MAID releases a controlled amount of Crystalline Gel Formula. This will scrub your bowl as the water is flushed. You’ll notice the water is blue. This means MER-MAID is loosening up stuck on stains, even while the water sits. If you start with a clean bowl this will help keep it clean as long as you keep using MER-MAID. If you have a bowl that is heavily stained, after a few days of using MER-MAID, you can gently wipe the bowl with a toilet brush wiping away the stains very easily. It also leaves behind a pleasant scent after each flush.

Each MER-MAID lasts about 3 months. While this depends on how much and how many people are using the toilet, you can easily tell when it needs replaced. As long as the water is blue… MER-MAID is working for you!

Just one MER-MAID is a great deal, but if you get a case pack (add 30 MER-MAIDS to your cart) you’ll pay just $2.59 each. That is just a few cents above cost! So far most people have been selecting this deal so we know these will sell out quickly. Remember, just add 30 of them to your cart to automatically get the special deal price.

Moso Natural Scent-Free Odor Eliminating Spray

Easy To Use And Effective At Eliminating All Kinds Of Stink!

This elegant bottle of fresh air is NOT what you think. It’s actually an Air Deodorizer, which blows traditional air fresheners out of the water.

This will actively eliminate odor, clean the air you breathe, and prevent odor from forming for up to 5 days after you spray.

This utilizes probiotics (a good type of bacteria) that out-competes odor-causing bacteria for space and nutrients, inhibiting the growth of bad odor. It will also encapsulate and decompose molecules responsible for bad smells.

Unlike traditional air sprays, this doesn’t just mask the smell with artificial fragrances that creates a nauseating concoction of smells. This actively eats up the stench at the source.

Now we can’t stop talking about how much we loves this, and for good reason! It was awarded the most innovative product at the Inspired Home Show Convention.

Extendable Bathtub Caddy and Organizer by FineLife Products

Great for items like body wash, shampoo, bar soap, and more!

The Extendable Bathtub Caddy sits across your tub and provides you easy access to everything you may need while enjoying a relaxing bath.

Store soaps, shampoo, and other shower necessities with this expandable self-draining bathtub caddy.

Made of high-quality plastic that’s lightweight and waterproof,and designed to fit most tubs by expanding from 22″ to31″ long. And the non-slip gripping handles located at each end prevent slipping from your tub’s edge during use.

Don’t pay the high price on Amazon when we have the same caddy for a fraction of the price.

And if you’re not a bath person you can use this clever caddy in the kitchen. No, seriously! It’s multi-functional and can be used as a vegetable or fruit tray, and as a strainer over the kitchen sink.

Remember, when you buy more you save more so you can use these handy helpers in both your bath and kitchen at the same time!

Stainless Steel Hands-Free XL Soap Dispenser

It’s the Easy Way to Keep From Spreading Harmful Germs!

Have you ever wondered just how dirty a hand-pump soap dispenser is? Spoiler Alert: It’s Disgusting! And now is the time to focus on fixing this sickening problem, and the best part is you won’t even have to get your hands dirty. All it takes is the Electric Soap Dispenser.

There has never been an easier way to quit spreading dangerous germs than using this battery operated, hands-free soap dispenser.

Every time you hold your hand underneath the spout the smart infrared motion sensor will automatically release just the right amount of liquid soap. So no more touching the dispenser and leaving harmful germs and bacteria behind! To operate, just add 4 AAA batteries (not included), fill it up with soap, and switch it on. It’s that easy!

The dispenser holds approximately 9.5oz. of liquid soap, and it can also be used to distribute hand sanitizer or lotion. You can always check if it’s time for a refill thanks to the handy visual window located on the body of the dispenser.

Its durable and sleek polished stainless shell compliments almost any decor. This is the perfect addition for your kitchen, bathroom, laundry room, the garage – It’s even a huge hit here at the office!

So make sure you stop the spread and wash away germs for good with the Electric Soap Dispenser!

Flexi Drain Sticks – Set of 12

Environment Safe Alternative To Drain Clearing Chemicals!

One of the grossest things, I think, is cleaning out a clogged drain.

I’m getting the dry heaves right now just thinking about what comes out of the drains, especially the shower drain.

What if I told you there was an easy way to do this that didn’t involve your hand touching the gunk AND no harmful chemicals? That’s how these Flexi Drain Sticks work. THEY ARE INCREDIBLE!

Let’s face it… if you have hair on your body, you have hair in your sink!

The design of these Flexi Drain Sticks make it easy to get to the hair in almost any drain. They’re thin, flexible and 18 inches long.

It couldn’t be any easier to use. Just feed the stick down the drain, give it a couple of twists and pull it out. You won’t believe how much hair comes up!

Why it works so well is the head of the stick is like a pipe cleaner that GRABS the hair.

Within a few seconds you’ll grab all that gunk and hair out of the drain. Just toss it in the garbage and you’ve cleaned your sink drain without ever having to touch the gunk.

Best of all you’ve done this all without any harmful chemicals that can harm you, your pipes and the environment.

For best results we recommend do this every month or so. With a set of 12 that will last you at least a year… all for less than you would pay for a bottle of that harmful chemical based stuff.

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Cheers to the Ultimate Whiskey-Drinking Experience

whiskeyThere is nothing like enjoying a glass of whiskey to celebrate a special occasion or to relax after a long, hard day. However you enjoy your whiskey, PulseTV has several accessories that will elevate your whiskey-drinking experience to a whole new level!

We have several handy, helpful, and affordable items that will have any devotee of this drink raising a glass to making their favorite libation even better!

Collector’s Edition: Mixology & Craft Whiskey Set in Handsome Wooden Box

The Mixology & Craft Whiskey Set has everything a whiskey lover wants!

Real whiskey lovers take their drinking seriously, and the Mixology and Craft Whiskey Set has everything a serious whiskey drinker wants (except for that amber nectar, of course)!

If you’re going to drink a good whiskey, drink it out of a good glass.

The stars of this set are 2 heavy, solid glass whiskey glasses. With a nice, weighty feel in the hand you’ll enjoy swirling your favorite distillation around in one of these.

And if you’re one of those purists who don’t like to dilute their whiskey you’ll really appreciate the 8 whiskey stones included in this set. Freeze these polished granite stones and they will chill your beverage without thinning it out like ice does.

The rest of this boxed set includes a tray for your whiskey stones, ice tongs, 2 slate coasters and a collection of unique ‘whiskey cards’ that feature 10 classic whiskey recipes. You may already know how to make a Manhattan, but if you know the recipe for a Vieux Carre off the top of your head I’ll be impressed!

And almost everything is inscribed with classic and memorable whiskey quotes from everybody from Mark Twain to Johnny Carson to remind you of the long and proud tradition you’re taking part in.

This handsomely wooden-boxed collection looks great displayed on a bar top and makes a unique gift, but you’ll regret not getting one for yourself!

Luxury Cocktail Smoker Kit with Butane Torch

Smoke liquor and cocktails at home like a professional!

Adding smoke flavor to liquor and cocktails is not a niche trend among bohemian whiskey and bourbon lovers anymore. Search ‘smoking cocktails’ on the Internet and you will be flooded with thousands of links with every recipe and method you can imagine.

But you don’t have to be a mixologist to enjoy that unique, smoky flavor. The Deluxe Home Cocktail Smoker Kit will have you enjoying a smoked Old-Fashioned or Manhattan in minutes!

The kit features an extremely simple-to-use wood smoke chimney that fits over the top of your cocktail glass. Add wood chips to the removable mesh screen and light them with the included kitchen torch. In seconds that rich smoke will be circulating through your glass.

The longer you leave the chimney on your glass the more smoke flavor you’ll get!

Feeling adventurous? Try a smoked Bloody Mary. Tequila is another liquor that can benefit from a smoke flavor which gives you a smoked Margarita! With the ease and convenience of this smoking kit you can experiment to your liver’s content.

The kit also includes 4 different samples of wood chips to get you started, a little measuring spoon for the chips, 2 mesh screens and a cleaning brush. As an added bonus you even get 4 chilling stones in case you don’t like to water down your drinks with ice.

It’s a complete package that will elevate your mixology experience. I promise it will be a hit at your next party!

Spinning Whiskey Glasses (4pk) With Ice Ball Maker Set

The Most Unique Whiskey Set You Can Get!

This is the most unique whiskey set you can get! Included are 4 mesmerizing Spinning Whiskey Glasses along with a Fast-Freezing Ice Ball Maker. The rounded bottom and unique raised diamond plaid design not only make for an eye-catching display but also serve a purpose.

As you gently spin your glass, watch as the intricate patterns dance and the whiskey swirls, releasing its aroma and flavor. It’s more than just a glass; it’s a performance. Your friends will think the glass will spill, but because of the special 10-degree slant, it won’t! Best of all the spinning motion serves a great purpose of keeping your drink cool.

Speaking of cooling off your drink, the included Ice Ball Maker will impress you and your friends.

Ice Balls are preferred over traditional ice cubes because the spherical shape allows them to melt much more slowly preventing drinks from being watered down. They are a favorite for alcohol and cola drinks.

This Ice Ball Maker will make four ice balls that are each about 2.5 inches around. This also makes them the perfect size for the Spinning Whiskey Glasses. Plus compared to other ice ball makers, this special design will have these freezing much faster. They only need five to six hours to freeze! Best of all, they don’t take up much freezer space!

Head over to PulseTV to see all of the Feature and Benefits that you can enjoy with this incredible set!

Set of Two Spinning Whiskey Glasses

Spinning motion releases flavors and aromas!

And if just the spinning whiskey glasses are what you’re after then you can get very own pair for a low price!

The rounded bottom and unique raised diamond plaid design not only make for an eye-catching display but also serve a purpose.

Spin these unique whiskey glasses and enjoy the show!

As you gently spin your glass, watch as the intricate patterns dance and the whiskey swirls, releasing its aroma and flavor. It’s more than just a glass; it’s a performance.

These are especially useful for drinkers who like ice in their scotch or bourbon. The spinning motion keeps the drink cool and dissolves the water. Don’t worry, the gentle 10 degree slant won’t spill.

But mostly it’s just fun!

Whether you’re enjoying a fine single malt or savoring your favorite bourbon, these unique spinning whiskey glasses add a touch of elegance to your sips. Embrace the art of whiskey appreciation and make every pour a moment to remember.

Ice Ball Mold For Whiskey, Cola, And More

Prevents Drinks From Being Watered Down Quickly!

And if ice is what you’re after… Ice Balls are preferred over traditional ice cubes because the spherical shape allows them to melt much more slowly preventing drinks from being watered down. They are a favorite for alcohol and cola drinks.

This Ice Ball Maker will make four ice balls that are each about 2.5 inches around. Thanks to the special design these freeze much faster than other models needing only five to six hours to fully freeze. Plus they don’t take up much freezer space!

There are two parts to the Ice Ball Maker; a bottom BPA-Free hard plastic shell and a top shell made from food-safe silicone. There are holes on the top section and an included funnel to make filling the mold clean and easy. After they are frozen, simply run the mold under tap water for a few seconds and pull the two sections a part.

Your Ice Balls will come out fairly clear depending on your local tap water when frozen for 5 to 6 hours. If you freeze them for longer periods the ice will not be as clear You can also use distilled or boiled water to improve the clarity. Just let the boiled water cool before adding it to the molds.

4-Pack of Wooden Coaster w/ Built-In Bottle Opener

A coaster with a built-in bottle open is the ultimate bar accessory!

The Wood Drink Coasters with Built-in Stainless Steel Bottle Openers will become your entertaining ‘go to’! They’re not just coasters; they’re conversation starters and pure convenience rolled into one.

Picture this: It’s game night, and everyone’s gathered around. Instead of searching for a bottle opener, I simply flip one of these coasters over, and voila! The steel opener pops the top with ease.

But it’s not just about function; these coasters are a style statement. Crafted from natural wood, they add a little charm and warmth to my decor, and the unique grain patterns make each one an eye-catcher.

My furniture stays ring-free, and with a set of four handy everybody’s not constantly searching for the bottle opener. These are an awesome party accessory, but they also make fantastic gifts for anyone who enjoys entertaining.

Upgrade your hosting game like I did. Get these coasters, and let the good times roll!

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