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Dark Shadows 50th Anniversary Special Collector’s Set Edition on DVD

I am of the age that I remember and understand what “running home from school to watch Dark Shadows” means.

Dark Shadows Greatest Episodes & Storylines!
Just the thought of that show brings back so many memories!

Even after all these years it remains one of the most innovative and dare I say bizarre show ever made. I mean what a concept… a soap opera set around the life of a vampire!

Now you can relive, rediscover or share your love of Dark Shadows with this Collector’s Edition Set that contains six DVDs.

When we say collectible we mean it. Each disc is a form of artwork that features profiles of popular characters in full color!

Then there is the content. It is woven in a way that makes it like you’ve never seen it before. You’ll have 38 of the most popular episodes along with special story lines The Vampire Curse and The Haunting of Collinwood

This legendary Cult Classic has earned the star treatment in this special collector’s set edition. There are a limited amount of these so don’t miss owning this collectible treasure it in all it’s glory!

Honeymooners Christmas Special

The Honeymooners was and is one of the greatest sitcom shows to ever grace the television set.

This is the FINAL Honeymooners Performance!
Pure genius in casting and writing. The jokes are just as funny today as they were back in the 50’s.

This special was filmed in 1978 and reunites most of the cast (Jane Kean play Trixie instead of Joyce Randolph) for the final performance of their classic Honeymooners characters.

As Christmas approaches, Ralph Kramden’s latest get-rich scheme risks his and Alice’s life savings as well as trusting pal Ed Norton’s holiday bonus on the lottery.

The gamble also places Alice’s mother’s (played by Eileen Heckert) Social Security check in jeopardy.

This collectible DVD features the return of ‘The Honeymooners’ as the celebrate Christmas for the last time – In COLOR!

The Complete Sherlock Holmes Collection on Blu-ray

The Complete Sherlock Holmes Collection stars Basil Rathbone as the legendary Sherlock Holmes and Nigel Bruce as the venerable Dr. John H. Watson in 14 classic films on 5 Blu-ray discs!

14 classic films on 5 Blu Ray Discs !

Twelve of these classic tales were painstakingly restored to their original theatrical condition by the UCLA Film & Television Archive. By combining old and new film elements, new 35mm masters were created to emulate the appearance and audio quality of a first-run motion picture. These restored versions also include war bond tags and the Universal Pictures logos that were removed from the original elements in the 1950s.

The Complete Sherlock Holmes Collection is comprised of all 14 films on 5 Blu-ray discs. Bonus features include six audio commentaries (including a “Dressed to Kill” commentary with actress Patricia Morison); and interview with Robert Gitt, Preservation Officer at the UCLA Film & Television Archive; footage of Sir Arthur Conan Doyle; photo galleries; and theatrical trailers.

This is a must-have collection for all mystery movies fans!

Giant 600 Cartoon Collection (12 DVDs)

Over 60 Hours of Animated Entertainment!
The Giant 600 Cartoon Collection gives you over 60 Hours of Entertainment, on 12 DVDs – this is the largest collection of classic cartoons ever assembled in one package!

Many of these cartoons have never been released before on VHS or DVD!

Iconic favorites will include Popeye, Woody Woodpecker, Felix the Cat, The Three Stooges, Baby Huey, Hunhy & Spunky, Mighty Mouse, Heckle & Jeckle, Little LuLu, Casper, Tom & Jerry and many many more.

Kids both young and old are sure to enjoy this incredible collection of classic characters, uncontrollable laughs, and amazing hand-drawn animation. This DVD set is not to be missed. Make sure to get your copy before they are gone!

World War I: A Lost Generation DVD

I recently watched the movie 1917. It was very good and I recommend it.

Features insightful narration and compelling archival footage and photographs.
It got me thinking. I really didn’t know much or maybe I just don’t remember learning about WWI.

Can you imagine the entire world at war? It’s hard to imagine it now, but over 100 years ago it had never happened before, and to people at that time the whole concept was unthinkable and terrifying. It was 1914 and the entire world chose sides in The War to End All Wars; World War I.

Take an unprecedented look at the history of World War I in this 2 part documentary series, World War I: A Lost Generation.

There aren’t too many programs on WWI and this two-part series from American Heritage features 44 concise minutes covering all the major events using insightful narration, compelling footage and original photographs.

All history buffs are going to love this archival material. If you know what a Dreadnought is or have ever heard of a railway gun, then you’ll enjoy this series. So let’s go back in time and find out what it was like to live ‘The Great War’.

All of the DVDs would make great additions to your entertainment library – and they are all available at great prices! Now is the time to stock up on DVDs and Blu-Rays before some of these favorite titles go out of stock, possibly for the foreseeable future.

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No Tricks, Just Treats!

halloweenblog21It is that special time of year when the leaves change colors, a cool, crisp wind starts the blow, and the sun set a little quicker each night. Yes, autumn is upon us and with it the harvest season – and Halloween!

If you’re looking for a fright-filled triple feature, there’s the The Amicus Collection on DVD! Or if you’re thirsty for something spooky to binge-watch, there’s the Dark Shadows Complete Original Series Deluxe Edition DVD Set!

The Amicus Collection DVD

The Amicus Collection on DVD features a trio of terrifying tales that will have you screaming for more! This 3-disc set includes Asylum (1972), And Now the Screaming Starts (1973), and The Beast Must Die (1974).

This Triple Feature of Chilling Classics Are A Scream!

These terrifying tales are cast with horror legends like Peter Cushing, Herbert Lom, Patrick Magee, Michael Gambon, Stephanie Beacham, and many more. And they feature talent behind the camera with genre director Roy Ward Baker (The Vault of Horror, The Vampire Lovers) and Psycho author Robert Bloch.

This impeccable collection is loaded with bonus features like commentaries, trailers, interviews, photo galleries, and much more – everything horror fans need to keep them shrieking with delight. The Amicus Collection will certainly shock, thrill and chill you to the bone!

Dark Shadows Complete Original Series Deluxe Edition DVD Set

This limited edition boxed set contains every eerie episode of the original Gothic suspense series DARK SHADOWS (1966-1971) plus a wealth of bonus interviews with the stars and creative members that made the supernatural thriller a cult favorite and an enduring television classic.

Includes 131 DVDs with ALL 1,225 Complete Episodes and a Commemorative Coffin package.

Halloween Face Masks

During these uncertain times we need to protect the health and well-being of ourselves and our children, but why can’t we have some festive fun with it with some Halloween Face Masks?

In 2020, Halloween Masks are taking on a whole new meaning. Here are some stylish Halloween Face Masks, available at PulseTV, that will certainly show off your spooky spirit!

Classic Pumpkins Face Mask

It’s fall y’all! If you love pumpkin ‘everything’, then you’ll adore this black and orange pumpkin mask! The perfect mask to wear all season long!

Classic Bat Face Mask

Ghosts, goblins, and bats…oh my! Celebrate Halloween the whole month with this classic bat design face mask.

This reusable cloth face mask is not only stylish, but the quality is what you will appreciate most!

Little Monsters Face Mask

Who wouldn’t love wearing this face mask covered with adorable little monsters? This isn’t just a great accessory for Halloween, but this could be worn all year long! Get the Little Monster Face Mask and show your cute side, like those guys from Monster, Inc., during the Halloween season.

Vampire Fangs Face Mask

Get into the Halloween spirit by sinking your teeth into this popular Vampire Fangs mask! The frightening fangs will surely freakout folks this time of year. This Halloween Face Mask has some bite to it!

Pumpkin Jagged Smile Face Mask

That’s a spooky smile if I ever saw one! Halloween season is here! Share your love for Halloween with the rest of the world with this classic face mask. The Pumpkin Jagged Smile Face Mask is one of the scariest looking smiles that you will ever see – it is hard to ignore those sharp grin!

Teeth Face Mask

Show your fierceness with this set of teeth that is fun but also intimidating. One of our most popular designs we’re betting it is because we all want to shred thru 2020! This Teeth Face Mask looks lean, mean, and has no food in-between. Just kidding – it looks scary, right?

While stylish, you’ll also love the quality of these Halloween Face Masks. Made with two different layers, you get protection while being able to stay completely comfortable. The inner layer is made with 93.1% soft and breathable cotton plus 6.9% spandex. The outer layer is made of 100% polyester.

Even after hours of use, these hi-quality fabrics feel comfortable and won’t irritate the skin. The fabric features the EZ-Breathe Weave, specially woven to stop moisture from penetrating but allows air to flow freely to keep you breathing comfortably.

Halloween Face Masks for Kids

Don’t worry! We know that Halloween is for the kids. So here is a selection of Halloween Face Masks made just for little ghouls and goblins in mind.

Kids Green Zombie Face Mask

It’s the most spook-tacular time of the year! Get into the Halloween spirit with this Green Zombie face mask. Kid zombies are always a great way to send shivers down spines. Classic and creepy!

Kids Ghoul Face Mask

This ghoul mask will give goosebumps to all of those that see it! If you’re feeling spooky and want to get into the Halloween spirit get the monstrous Ghoul face mask.

Kids Mummy Face Mask

Get your mummy mojo on and celebrate Halloween monsters with this creatively cartoony Mummy face mask! If you need a funny Halloween mask for the kids, put on the this mummy mask, and that’s a wrap!

Kids Classic Pumpkin Face Mask

Your little pumpkin will look adorable all fall season long wearing this classic Halloween pumpkin face mask. Features the classic black and orange pumpkins – perfect for any little boy or girl!

Kids Classic Bat Face Mask

Ghosts, goblins, and bats…oh my! Have your little bat-boy or girl celebrate Halloween the whole month with this classic bat design face mask.

Kids Little Monsters Face Mask

Have your little monster wear these furry little monsters! It’s cute, colorful, and captures the fun of the season. Plus, this isn’t just a great accessory for Halloween, but this could be worn all year long! Get your kids the Little Monsters Face Mask today!

So don’t wait – Get these marvelous monster masks while supplies last!

Happy Halloween!

From all of us at PulseTV, we sincerely hope that you have the safest and happiest of Halloweens – especially this year. It has been scary enough with everything that has been going on, so lets just take a break and try to have a little fun. I’m sure we could all agree on that. Happy Halloween!