How to Wash Your Windows Properly


Household chores never seem to end, but that’s life. Whether you need to mop the floor, vacuum the carpeting, or clean the bathroom, your house needs your attention. It is always best to just roll up your sleeves and get down to business because the sooner you begin the quicker you will accomplish your goal.

The job that I always dreaded doing, whether it was for spring cleaning or because some birds decided to make it their own personal powder room, was washing the windows – both inside and out!

I guess the reason I was not too keen on window washing was that I honestly didn’t know how to wash windows properly. Well, if you were wondering how to wash your windows and get the best results – you’ve come to the right place.

Window Washing

As long as there have been windows, there has been a need to clean them. Since the very first window went up, and window production became an industry, not a day, week, month, or year, goes by that fingerprints, streaks, dirt, and much more, needed to be removed to return a window to its transparent glory!

Back in the time of maids and servants, all you needed was a bucket of water and a cloth. It wasn’t until the mid-1800s that window cleaners became a thing, and that really changed the way of how to wash your windows.

Clean Your Windows

As my dad always said: “Work smarter, not harder.” That’s great advice, especially when trying to come up with the best strategy on how to wash your windows.

For the best results this is what works for me…

First, get your window cleaner. Some prefer using a spray, I tend to fill a bucket with water and add just a drop or two of liquid dish soap. Then, to avoid water or cleaner from getting on the floor, simply put down a towel. Next, avoid paper towels. Be good to the environment, and a more effective window washer, by using a microfiber cloth and go over the window from top to bottom. Then, apply your chosen cleaning solution thoroughly and wipe it down in a “Z” motion, drying the window completely. If your window still appears dirty or has streaks, then just spray and dry again.

This system of how to wash your windows has really worked for me for years. Hopefully, it will work for you, too!

The majority of the success must given to having the right tools for the job – and that tool is none other than the Streak-Free Cleaning Cloth – now available at PulseTV!

Streak Free Window Cleaning Cloth

Fingerprints and grease can stick to our favorite devices and appliances for longer than we realize. I often find myself wiping down my phone screen ALL THE TIME… not to mention other surfaces like the TV, computer monitor, kitchen countertops, cabinets, windows, and bathroom mirrors.

Sponges usually trap and smear bacteria all over, and who else is tired of using mounds of paper towels for all your cleaning projects? That’s why I made the sustainable switch to Streak-Free Cloths, and have never looked back since!

These durable, versatile cloths will never streak your glass or windows. The secret to these is in the non-woven fibers which effectively pull and trap all dust, grime, and dirt without transferring it back onto the surface you’re cleaning. Even more impressive, the unique texture effectively cleans with little to no chemicals – try that with regular rags or paper towels!

Environmentally-Friendly Cleaning Without Chemicals You get a set of four 16″ x 16″ cloths which you can trim for a customized size to use all over your house or on the go. I keep one in every room, and a small spare in my car just in case I need to wipe down my windshield or steering wheel with just a little bit of water.

We’ve been selling these to happy customers for a while now. As of right now we’ve got 220 reviews with an average of 4.5 stars! The best part is that these cloths are super strong, so they will not rip or fall apart on you. PulseTV gives you a 5-Year Warranty so you’ve got nothing to lose if you haven’t tried these yet!

Get Your Clean On!

And now that we have shown you a great tool for helping you how to wash your windows, how about a few more cleaning products that will help keep your home shipshape.

Clean Reach 4 Piece Kit

Forget bending over only to struggle to reach and hurting your back. Why kneel over your bathtub only to hurt your knees when cleaning hard-to-reach spaces? Try Clean Reach and instantly transform not only how you clean, but how WELL you clean.

This scrub brush, with an extendable handle, features a contoured non-scratch pad that angles to get into tight spaces without the stretch and strain!

While this is a must for your bathroom, use Clean Reach throughout your whole house. Use it on baseboards, hard to reach door frames, floors, around toilets, tile, mirrors, windows and more.

The unique cleaning pads are reversible and offer 3 in 1 cleaning power. One side is great for scrubbing while the other side is great for dusting, window washing and more. The yellow sponge area in the middle allows you to clean two surfaces at once. This is one of the most versatile cleaning tools you’ll ever own!

Toilet Bowl Cleaner Pumice Stone

Shaped into a cleaning ‘stick’ and equipped with a handle that keeps your hand out of the gunk, use these pumice sticks on toilet bowls, bathtubs, shower tiles and sinks; anything that’s vulnerable to calcium, rust, lime and that unsightly build-up that seems impossible to clean. The soap scum in your bathtub, that impervious ring at the water line in your toilet, it all disappears under the Toilet Bowl Cleaner Pumice Stone.

You can even use it on non-polished metal like your oven racks, your barbecue grill grate and cast iron cookware. And you don’t need harsh cleansers or scouring agents. The trick is to make sure the pumice stick and the surface you are cleaning is wet and use a gentle polishing motion. The pumice will naturally erode creating its own scouring agent.

Before using please test a small, inconspicuous spot first. Pumice may dull highly polished surfaces. DO NOT use on: stainless steel, polished metals, marble, glass, fiberglass, unbaked enamel finishes, or plastic.

Tough problems require tough solutions. Use Pumice Cleaning Sticks to get tough on your cleaning problems.

House Cleaning

And for all of your cleaning needs head over to PulseTV for more great products!