It’s Time to Best the Pests


Mosquitoes, stinging flies, ants, cockroaches, mice, moles, gophers, squirrels and raccoons; these and dozens of other pests can really ruin your summer. They may be important to the ecosystem, but when they invade your home, ruin your evenings on the patio and begin eating your vegetable garden you need to do something about them.

Take control of pests and get your summer back with a few safe and effective products from

You’ve worked hard to turn your backyard into your own personal retreat. So when it becomes home to squirrels, rabbits, raccoons and mice send them packing with the Owl Alert Ultrasonic Pest Repeller. To pests it looks like a real owl, but day or night, Owl Alert is on the job, targeting outdoor pests without chemicals or pesticides. THE SECRET is the combination of the motion activated sensor which emits ultrasonic sound that outdoor pests can hear, and the flashing red eyes that alert them. The motion sensor is activated when animals approach. But it won’t harm them or your pets!

Keeping pests out of your yard is important, but what about when they get INSIDE your house? That’s when you need the 3-Way Ultra Sonic Home Protector. No more disgusting traps or harmful chemicals. Ultrasonic waves emit in 5-second bursts to make your home totally unbearable for pests, but can’t be heard by humans! It’s super-effective! Unlike other ultrasonic pest devices, the Home Protector uses specific ultrasonic waves for different pests. Works on mice, roaches, flies, ticks and mosquitoes. And yes, it’s even safe for pets!

Probably the worst summertime pests are mosquitoes. No matter how many citronella candles you burn they will find you. And when they get inside the house you become an individual smorgasbord for your unwanted guests. So protect yourself without even thinking about it with a 2-in-1 LED Ninja ZapBulb. Part LED light bulb, part bug zapper, the 2-in-1 bulb can be used indoors and outdoors in any standard light fixture. 4 ultraviolet LEDs lure the pests and zap them with the high voltage grid once they get too close. This patent-pending bulb also utilizes Titanium Dioxide composite to produce CO2, which specifically lures mosquitoes. It’s a silent, chemical-free solution to mosquitoes and other flying pests, and there’s no cords or batteries to worry about.

Do you like to take walks at night? Hike? Go camping? Then arm yourself with a Rechargeable Flashlight with Bug Zapper. This super bright LED flashlight offers 1000 lumens to illuminate your surroundings, but it also features it’s very own built-in bug zapper that zaps flying insects instantly on contact. Constructed from military-grade aluminum alloy, the unibody casing is weatherproof and impact resistant to endure bangs, drops, and even corrosion, so you’re prepared for almost any condition. perfect for hikers, campers, or just relaxing in your backyard!

Ultrasonic pulses and ultraviolet LEDs are great, but sometimes the simplest solution is the best. Like good, old fashioned mosquito netting! If you want to open a door and let the fresh air in but keep the bugs out, install a Mag-Mesh Hands-Free Screen Door. Installs in minutes in any STANDARD doorframe, the middle seam of the screen netting is strategically lined with powerful magnet strips that allow the door to open and close seamlessly. These durable mesh curtains have an increased thread count than other cheap screens on the market and the magnetic design allows for easy walkthroughs when your hands are full. Even dogs and cats can come and go as they please. Makes a wonderful addition to any entry, patio, deck, tent, balcony, garage, and even sliding doors!

So don’t waste your summer fighting bugs turn your home and yard into a pest-free zone and start enjoying life!