5 Benefits to Having an Outdoor Utility Light

Add style and security to your home with new outdoor lighting like an outdoor utility light. Whether it is decorative lighting, landscape lighting and security lighting, there’s a huge selection available to you. Today, I’m going to illuminate some of the very best options currently available to you on PulseTV – and their benefits!

Here are some examples of exterior lighting upgrades that we have that can really enhance your home’s curb appeal, while adding a layer of security.

LED Utility Light

Super Bright 900 Lumen Do Everything LED Utility Light

With the Super Bright 900 Lumen Do Everything Light you get a super-bright utility light you can use almost anywhere, especially as an outdoor utility light. The 3-Function, 900 Lumen Do Everything Light gives you enough light for almost any project or every day need you might have, in a package small enough to fit in your pocket. The 60 SMD floodlight produces 900 lumens. That is just about bright enough to illuminate an entire room.

Why It’s the Best Indoor and Outdoor LED Light

The Lumen 900 Do Everything Light has 3 major functions. The outdoor utility light has a high and a low setting. Click the button once for the high setting, and again for the low setting. Three button clicks will activate the ‘flashlight’ feature. Four clicks will turn the light off. Features both a fold-away stand and hanging hook on the back, plus a magnet to allow for hands free operation.

Caution: The high setting is extremely bright. Do not shine directly into eyes.

It’s quick and easy to get the best LED utility light from Pulse TV. You’re getting great quality at even a better price. Don’t settle for just any utility light for your indoor and outdoor needs, get the Lumen 900 Do Everything Utility Light.

Shed Light

Solar-Powered Night Beam Outdoor Security Light 2pk

The Solar Powered Night Beam is one of the easiest and most affordable ways to add outdoor lighting wherever you need it, without having to worry about wiring, batteries, or professional installation.

The Night Beam is solar-powered. That means it doesn’t need batteries or wiring. Install it wherever you need extra lighting and the solar panel will charge the 3.7V Lithium ion battery. Once it gets dark the light sensor will turn the COB LEDs on to a soft glow. Whenever motion is detected the motion sensor will trigger a bright, 250 lumen floodlight. Once the motion stops the light returns to low beam mode. The light can also be turned completely off my pressing the glow-in-the-dark ON/OFF switch.

A peel-and-stick adhesive pad on the back on the light allows you to attach it in seconds to most surfaces, but for more secure installation, wall-mounting screws and anchors are also included in the packaging. The Night Beam is weatherproof and made from heavy-duty plastic. So it is safe to use outside in most weather conditions.

With the Night Beam never come home to a dark garage, patio, backyard or stairwell again.

Lights For Outside

Adjustable Focus Solar Garden Spotlight – Wireless and Waterproof

Looking to brighten up your lawn, garden and outdoor pathways? Then look no further than the Adjustable Focus Solar Garden Light.

It’s easy to set up and install; no wiring or outlets needed! This light captures the sun’s rays from all angles thanks to the 360 degree swiveling solar panel.

Light Sensor Activated Dusk to Dawn

Just stake these into the ground and flip them on. Let the built-in rechargeable battery charge up all day in the sun and watch the light turn on automatically at night. You can enjoy 8 hours of 100 Lumens of cold, white LED light – from dusk until dawn.

Plus, you can adjust and focus the beam of light from flood to spot, whichever you prefer. And they’re weather proof, so you don’t have to worry about bringing them in during inclement conditions.

Make sure you figure out how many you need before ordering to save on multiple lights, because remember – you buy more, you save more!

You’re going to love the way the Adjustable Focus Solar Garden Spotlight enhances your home that you’ll want to put them all over!


Versa Beam 500 Floodlight 2 Pack

This 2-pack of floodlights aren’t huge but boy do they pack a LOT of power. When a regular flashlight just won’t do, you need the 500 lumens generated by Farpoint’s Versa Beam 500 Mini Floodlights!

Designed to be rugged, impact resistant AND weatherproof as well as super-bright, these mini floodlights are convenient and versatile. They are great for both indoor and outdoor use, for camping, emergency uses and even as a work light.

The tough exterior is equipped with rubberized corner brackets so it will stand up to rugged use. A 180 degree adjustable kickstand allows you to stand it at any angle, hang it or carry it with ease, while 4 powerful magnets on the back of each light allow you to attach it to any steel surface, like a car hood or ductwork, making it a great work light.

2 Light Settings

Click the on/off button once for the super-bright, 500 lumen floodlight. Click twice for a softer 220 lumen illumination. And click 3 times to turn the Mini Floodlight off.

The compact design makes it perfect to keep in your tool box, glove compartment, junk drawer – anywhere it might come in handy. And with two lights you can keep one at home and one in the car or one in the house and one in the garage.

Pathway Lights

LED Solar Pathway Lights – Set of 4

Line your driveway, garden, or yard with these bright LED Solar Pathway Lights for nighttime safety, security, or decoration.

Each 4 1/2″ light has a beautiful stainless steel finish, and has four bright LEDs. Their stainless steel housing is water and weather resistant, making them suitable for any outdoor application.

These are solar powered so they fully charge during the day and light up automatically at dusk, for approximately 7 hours after fully charging.

No wiring or installation is needed. Simply push them flush into the ground with the included stakes.

And remember, Eco-friendly lights are great for saving the environment. Don’t wait, order a set or two of the LED Solar Pathway Lights – Set of 4 – today!

Bright Ideas!

And for outdoor utility lights, and all of your illuminatory needs, make sure to visit PulseTV Today!