Buying These Blue Light Glasses Will Change Your Life!

After a long day of work, I like to wind down by watching my favorite shows on the couch. On most night’s I’ll stay there for at least 2-3 hours, without realizing how much time has passed. But, after a while, my eyes are dry and tired from staring at a screen for so long. Then the inevitable headache will set in that night, or even the next morning, and I’m left feeling exhausted from a restless night of sleep. Could this all be the consequence of excessive blue light use? Most definitely.

Because of the high frequency that blue lights emit, they increase your body’s level of alertness and decrease melatonin levels. This blue light can be harmful to your retina and cornea, which could result in “age-related macular degeneration (AMD)”, the leading cause of blindness. Many studies have shown that although our eyes are safe to absorb blue light through the sunlight, we are exposed to exponentially higher levels due to the increase of screens in our daily lives. But there’s a simple solution to protect yourself from all of this: Blue Light Blocking Glasses

This is How Blue Light Lenses Keep You Safe

Blue light lenses are specially treated to filter out blue lights and prevent screen glare. While using a screen with blue lights, these glasses do not let high-frequency lights such as blue and violet wavelengths pass through. This allows your body to maintain its circadian rhythm, producing melatonin and winding down, as it should, in the evening.


Unlike outdated light blocking glasses, our blue light blockers have only a slight yellow tint, that is hardly noticeable while wearing them. Comparatively, old versions of these glasses were deeply tinted, altering the color on your screen and further straining your eyes in the process.

Don’t Waste Your Money on Expensive Gaming Glasses

Gaming glasses, specifically, have thick yellow lenses that alter the color you are seeing rather than bouncing the blue light off of the lenses. Instead, ours use filtered lenses that keep blue light from passing through. Our computer glasses also have a sleek design, with a smooth frame that fits gently on your nose.


If you’re like me and you don’t wear prescription glasses, you probably don’t have a glasses repair kit handy. We’ve got you covered! Add a convenient Eyeglass Repair Kit to your order for less than $2! These kits are small and compact, and will conveniently fit into the microfiber pouch included with your blue light blocking glasses. 

These Blue Light Screen Glasses are Perfect for People with Glasses, and Those Without!

My favorite part is that they are comfortable resting on my face, especially as someone who does not wear glasses regularly. With spring hinges, these glasses fit my face comfortably and flexibly. You can wear them all day at your nine to five without worrying about discomfort. Our reviews speak for themselves. With an average rating of over 4.5 stars, our customers are loving these glasses (and I know you will too)!

Our Screen Safe Glasses are Made For People of All Ages

Given the fact that most jobs and schools have switched to remote communication, everyone’s screen time has inevitably increased. Regardless of your age, you will benefit from wearing these glasses. They are perfect for anyone with frequent screen usage throughout their day. Even kids who are learning virtually, frequently using tablets for after-school activities, or avid video gamers. And especially for adults and teens who work at a computer all day, frequently using their cell phones, or binge-watching shows in the evening. 


Late at night, when I’m watching my latest Netflix series, I also keep my Coby Wireless TV Speaker nearby. It brings the audio on my TV to the speaker next to me so I can hear the dialogue better. Another added benefit is that I can plug my headphones into the AUX port to silently watch movies without waking up my significant other who is sleeping. 


By pairing this product with my blue light glasses I can peacefully watch my favorite movies without straining to see or hear them. What’s even better is that I will be able to sleep peacefully that night, thanks to the boost in melatonin from my blue light eyeglasses. 

These glasses come in four different prescription strengths ranging from 2.0 to 4.0, and for those with contact lenses, you can select the “no prescription (+0.0)” option.

Want to buy a pair for your whole family? Bundle them on our website and save $8 when you purchase four of them! Compared to other big brands like Warby Parker, Baxter, and MVMT, our glasses are a fraction of the cost and protect your eyes just the same.


Long Term Benefits of Blue Light Blockers

  • Creating a routine sleep schedule
  • A decrease in headaches and migraines
  • Maintaining naturally occurring melatonin levels
  • Protection from AMD by reducing eye straining 

As an avid late-night binge-watcher these glasses protect my eyes and help me sleep better at night.  I never realized the drastic impact that blue light had on my sleep schedule, and my mood. I would get frequent headaches and struggle to falls asleep, and always waking up feeling exhausted the next day. If you’re like me, then these blue light glasses are exactly what you need to cure your insomnia.


Another product that has drastically improved the way I sleep is my Bamboo Memory Foam Pillow.  Because of the lush fibers and memory foam filling, I wake up the next morning feeling well-rested and ready to start my day. For me, there is nothing worse than losing sleep and feeling exhausted the next day. For a long time, I couldn’t find a pillow with the right support that fit me, until now! What I love about this bamboo pillow is the “variable fill technology” that allows me to add or remove filling to adjust the firmness. 

To purchase these products visit our website here, and place your order! Don’t forget to leave us a review and let us know what you think.