Innovative Device Zaps Chronic Back Pain

Man sitting on bed with backache

Do you suffer from constant back, knee, neck, or any other joint pain? Then you’re well aware of the daily struggles. And here’s the harsh reality…

While drugs do help, they pummel your liver and kidneys, wreck havoc on your stomach, and can put you at risk of internal bleeding. Even the mildest painkillers like Ibuprofen have recently been shown to increase your risk of a heart attack by as much as 50%!

But what choice do you have?

If you were reading this a few years ago, I would say not many. But today I’m excited to share the only FDA cleared OTC noninvasive device that manages chronic pain.

The best part? It’s a 100% drug-free alternative way to treat the symptoms of pain!




“I injured my back about a year ago while picking up my granddaughter. This resulted in acute lumbago. For weeks I was lucky if I was able to get more than a few hours of sleep nightly. I started taking sedatives to help me fall asleep. I was in pain every single day and getting severely depressed. I was equally worried with the amount of painkillers I was taking. I was so tired of being in pain. I didn’t want to go anywhere, or do anything which was negatively impacting my relationship with my wife. That all changed the day I came across this pain management device. I’m now able to live my life pain free.” Jim M. – Hialeah, FL

“This device does wonders when I’m having a fibromyalgia flare up and normal pain meds don’t work; Excellent pain relief!” Karen S. – Poughkeepsie, NY

“I had Repetitive Strain Injury some years ago and since then have been prone to neck tension and upper body muscle problems. I was recommended to use this device for neck pain by my Doctor nine months ago and now wouldn’t be without it. I’ve used it successfully to relieve the pain and tension of sore and strained muscles. It is also good for general stress and muscle tension as it is very relaxing – and much cheaper than paying for a regular massage!” …Tim R – Sparks, NV

“I have had back and knee issues all my life. I was an athlete and as I’ve gotten older, old injuries have caught up to me. I was having such bad back, to my hip, to my IT band, then to my knee pain; it was affecting my driving. It also caused issues at work. This device literally took away the pain and now I do everyday treatments. I can’t speak highly enough.” David W. – Paducah, KY

“Over the past five years, I have been experiencing episodes of moderate to severe pain in my upper back and shoulder blade. I cannot always correlate it to a specific cause but I know that often a combination of being overtired, lifting a heavy load and being in cold weather, will contribute to this pain. This pain often will last about a week or so. The last couple of times I have had this pain, I tried using this device on the area of pain. Each time I used this device pain was reduced dramatically.” Kevin S – Pueblo, CO