Not Your Father’s Light Bulb…The Best Power Outage Emergency Light Bulb

What If… a normal LED Light Bulb could automatically turn on when there was a power outage?

What If… this same LED Light Bulb had a remote control that you could use to turn it on and off?

What If… you could unscrew this same LED Light Bulb and use it as a Handheld Flashlight?

This Innovative 3-in-1 Smart Bulb does ALL THREE!


5 Reasons Every Homeowner Needs This 3-in-1 LED Smart Bulb.

POWER OUT, LIGHT ON! – The Smart Bulb has a rechargeable built in Lithium Ion Battery and will automatically activate in the event of a sudden power outage (Hurricane, Snowstorm, or Worse) providing light for up to 3.5 hours.

DOUBLES AS A FLASHLIGHT – This innovative Smart Bulb doubles as a LED Flashlight! Simply hold the socket with your hand and the Smart Bulb will switch on as Super Bright Flashlight.

PLUG AND PLAY – No tools needed! Simply screw the Smart Bulb into any standard socket and it’s intelligent design will illuminate automatically when it detects the loss of power.

ENERGY EFFICIENT – Designed utilizing hyper-efficient LED technology, this Smart Bulb uses 90% less energy than traditional incandescents and has an estimated life-span of 25,000 hours!

RECHARGEABLE – Use this Smart Bulb all day, every day as much as you want. It auto charges when lights on, stops charging when the battery is full.

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